Alexander Street Collections

Alexander Street Collections

Broadway on Demand
Takes viewers from behind the stage to the bright lights of Broadway through masterful plays, musicals, and dance performances. It also provides a diverse range of unique behind-the-scenes series, documentaries, instructional videos, and more.

Dance Online: Dance In Video
An extensive collection of performances, instructional materials, documentaries, and interviews, showcasing high-caliber performances from the greatest dance companies and performers worldwide, spanning from traditional ballet to hip hop, street dance, and modern dance.

Music Online: Classical Music In Video
Provides an extensive collection of influential performances and documentaries demonstrating the continuous development of classical music, spanning eras from canonical masters to modern composers.

Music Online: Opera In Video
Offers a curated selection of the world's most significant opera performances, featuring top artists, conductors, and venues.

Music Online: Performance In Video
Experience classical music through 3,500 titles, including 200 full operas and 75 dance titles, as well as masterclasses, documentaries, and interviews.

Music Online: The Qwest TV Collection
Offers valuable materials for music history and cultural studies through the preservation of diverse live performances, spanning the evoltion of jazz and beyond -- representing funk, soul, hip-hop, indie, electronic, blues, and more.

National Theatre Collection
Offers a range of digital performance resources never previously seen outside of the National Theatre's archive. Access unique supplements to the filmed productions -- exclusive digitized archival materials such as prompt scripts, costume designs, and costume bibles which provide behind-the-scenes background and contextual information.

The Royal Shakespeare Company Collection
Offers high-definition recordings of Shakespeare's dramatic canon, featuring the world's best Shakespearean actors and directors, along with supplemental teaching materials to help students engage more deeply with the material.

Theatre In Video
Offers access to hundreds of the world's most important plays, documentaries, and instructional materials, as well as interviews with prominent directors, designers, writers, and actors, providing an authentic behind-the-scenes look at various productions.

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