Tuition Funding Sources

Tuition Funding Sources

TFS Scholarships (TFS) is the most comprehensive online resource for higher education funding. A free and independent service, TFS links students to more than 7 million individual scholarships and to more than $41 billion in aid.

Of the 7 million scholarships in this database, most come not from the competitive national scholarship pool but directly from colleges and universities themselves. The TFS scholarship database is updated daily. On average, 5,000 new scholarship awards are added to the database every month in an effort to stay current with national scholarship growth rates. New and updated scholarships appear on the TFS website in real time.

The TFS program also provides students with a career personality test, and detailed career information. Students using TFS can determine what careers suit them best, find schools that offer degree programs in those fields and then discover scholarships and other forms of financial aid to help pay for college tuition and expenses.

TFS Scholarships is available free of charge to all high school students looking to continue their education after graduation, all college students currently attending a college or university and all other adults either at home or in the work force that desire to obtain a college degree or take college courses to improve their skills and education. Whether you’re planning for college, already there, working toward a graduate or professional degree, TFS can help you access over 7 million scholarship and over 41 billion in college funding. TFS may also be used by parents or guidance counselors who are helping their students find free college funding resources.

To start searching for scholarships:

  • Register for TFS
  • Complete your scholarships profile by answering all of the registration questions

The TFS program will use the information you provide to find scholarships that match your profile. The scholarships with the closest matches will appear at the top of your scholarship search results. This process will save you a great deal of time because you will only see scholarship awards for which you qualify.

When you find a scholarship that interests you it can be saved to your own personal scholarship list. Your personal list can be accessed only by you when you login to the TFS website. We recommend using your personal scholarship list to help you manage the scholarship application process.

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