Brainfuse JobNow/VetNow

Brainfuse JobNow/VetNow

Brainfuse JobNow & VetNow is an all-in-one suite of services designed for a wide range of career or veteran needs: whether it’s tackling a resume, writing a cover letter, navigating the VA system, or adjusting to a civilian career. JobNow & VetNow services include expert coaching and self-study tools to empower users. Users may access live, on-demand assistance from expert Job Coaches or Veteran Navigators. With JobNow & VetNow, users communicate in real time in our online whiteboard by typing, drawing, and marking-up lessons and web content. Plus, users can use our secure file sharing feature in the writing lab to submit career documents to our Job Coaches any time of the day. The Brainfuse full-service test center offers practice tests for all levels in math, reading, and writing as well as college preparatory tests - including the SAT.

Expert Help
Experience personalized eLearning by connecting with a live Job Coach or Veteran Navigator

  • Live Job Coaching: Use Live Job Coaching for assistance preparing for interviews, updating a resume, or searching for open positions.
  • Resume Lab: Users may submit their resumes or cover letters for a review by a Brainfuse Expert
  • Live Veteran Navigator: Veteran users can connect with a Veteran Navigator for assistance in a variety of areas.

Job Tools
Additional support for users exploring the job market or updating career documents

  • eParachute: Use eParachute to discover your strengths and unique talents to map out your future career.
  • Job Resources: Users can review a unique list of national and local links for assistance starting the job search.
  • Resumes Templates & Resources: Resume templates and tips are provided to assist users create or update the important career file.
  • Optimal Resume: Users can create resumes, cover letters, and portfolios in a sleek, easy-to-use system.
  • Interview Tips: Our interview tips provide self-guided resources to assist the user through the entire interview process.
  • Interview Resources: This curated list of resources can be accessed to gain further insight into successful interview practices.

VA Support Tools
Additional support for veterans navigating the bureaucracy of the VA or adjusting to civilian life

  • Send Question: Veterans can submit questions outside of a live session for a Veteran Navigator. Our experts will respond within 24 hours to the question.
  • Veteran Resources: Veterans can access this curated list of national and local links for additional assistance in a variety of areas.

College Skills
Powerful online learning and collaboration tools

  • SkillSurfer: Our skills building service helps users master a concept or skill through online lessons and videos.
  • LEAP Learning Platform: Diagnostic test center with detailed study plans and customized lessons.
  • FlashBulb: Users can access and create interactive learning games, quizzes and flashcards.
  • MEET: Schedule a live group session with others. Invitees receive the invite in their email inbox and simply click on the MEET link to join the organizer. Attendees do not need to be Brainfuse users.
  • Brainwave: Record movie-like whiteboard sessions to store solutions to homework problems, class projects, or any other concepts that involve motion or sequencing.

Adult Learners
Unique learning tools customized for adult learners

  • Live Job Coaching: For general career assistance, including a job search, select Connect under the Live Job Coaching header
  • Live Resume Coaching: For resume specific assistance, select Live Resume Coaching under the Tools for Job Seekers header
  • Live Interview Coaching: For interview related assistance, including mock interviews, select Live Interview Coaching under the Tools for Job Seekers header
  • Live Veteran Navigator: For Veteran Support, including assistance navigating the VA, select Connect under the Live Veteran Navigator header

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