Library Services for People with Print Disabilities

Library Services for People with Print Disabilities

Many who are blind or visually impaired—or who have reading or other physical disabilities—often cannot use printed materials, depriving them of reading materials that most take for granted.

Braille Institute’s Library Services—the Southern California branch of the National Library Service (NLS)—has solved this problem for more than six decades by providing a free library for the blind and visually impaired. Books, periodicals and other texts are available in braille and recorded formats. With a Reader Advisor’s help, choosing books is easy; patrons select from more than 100,000 titles and 1.2 million volumes accessible from the Library’s collection.

As a result, tens of thousands each year use the Braille Institute Library to fill all of their reading needs, ranging from serious books for school or work to recreation and leisure. They offer a wide-range of free programs, including braille books and magazines and periodicals in braille, along with braille and audio formats. Patrons can also enjoy a Telephone Reader Program both online and on the phone, a book-of-the-month club, and more. With the Braille Institute Library, visually impaired and blind people can enjoy books and audio formats.

How to Use Braille Institute’s Library
The best way to use the library is to prepare a list of books you would like to order and then call 1(800) 808-2555 or (323) 660-3880. You can also e-mail book orders to You can tell your Reader Advisor the name of the person for whom you are ordering and then tell them what you would like to order.

You are welcome to call as often as you like and order as many as 10 books per phone call. The Braille Library does not place any restriction on the number of braille books or books for the visually impaired that you can have checked out at any given time but they do ask that you return each book within its one-month loan period.

For more information, contact the regional branch or visit this website.
Santa Barbara Center Regional Branch
2031 De La Vina Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
Phone: (805) 682-6222, Ext. 8318

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